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What is dementia?

According to (Alzheimer's Society) word 'Dementia' described as set of symptoms that may include:

  • memory loss

  • difficulties with thinking or problem solving

  • difficulties with language 

  • change in mood and behavior

these changes are usually small to start with, but for an individual with dementia, they can become ​difficult enough to affect daily life .

Scientists believe that certain type of dementia are inherited as a single gene that directly cause the disease, these individuals usually  get dementia before age 65*.

*Alzheimer's Society, available at:



PerfectPal has all that you or your loved one may need in one app. Here you can play mind stimulating games, read articles about healthy lifestyle, learn new recipes, communicate with other members and much more! Do you have any questions? If so, contact a member of our team and they will be happy to assist. 

According to NHS using tablets and smart phones is very useful for people who are suffering from dementia. Playing puzzles and other mind stimulating games, communicate with others and engaging in different enjoyable activities can help people with their mood and condition*

*NHS 2018, Available at:

Features of the App!

PerfectPal has number of app built in options that can assist with day to day life while improving quality of life overall. The app is fully base on the research and is updated regularly to adapt to any changes.

PLAY IT is one of the main features in the app. It allows you to have fun while stimulating your mind.

FORUM is the place where participation is the key! Ask and answer questions, discuss the matters of interest and meet people that think alike. You can also send private messages to us if you need any help or support.

READ IT section is the feature where it all comes together. Read articles about healthy life style, different diets and their benefits together with recipes and exercise ideas. This can keep you busy for a while.

REMINDERS will send you notifications to remind you anything from the medicine alert to the walk in a park. Meeting a friend? PerfectPal is here to tell you.

SHARE LOCATION feature is one of the most unique features to the app. With your permission your friend’s or the loved ones can see where you are at all times.

Who it is for?

Perfect Pal is here to provide support to those that need it. It focuses on the people that are at risk of cognitive decline, are suffering from dementia and provides information for their carers and loved ones to get a better understanding or just want to update their knowledge and have some fun. 

Perfect Pal was developed by a Healthcare Manager who has seen the devastating effects of dementia on his clients and everyone around them. PerfectPal was born when he tried to find the solution. PerfectPal has number of apps built in with options that can assist with day to day life while improving quality of life overall. The app is fully based on the research and is updated regularly to adapt any changes.

Why Perfect Pal?

PerfectPal is a complex app based purely on research. Our team work extremely hard  in order to keep everything that you see in the application up to date. it has been designed for you to have fun which also benefits your mind and promote healthy lifestyle.

PerfectPal will not let you feel alone as it has a dedicated forum where you can ask, answer questions and share your experiences with others. whenever you have 5 minute to spare why not log in and play one of our mind stimulating games.or read our articles which will inform you on all aspects of healthy living, including healthy recipes, fitness, as well  as update you on the latest research available. 

This app is designed for people who are at a higher risk of developing dementia, people that already suffer from dementia, people who's loved one suffers from dementia or are at the risk and even those who promote healthy lifestyle.

Our team is working 24/7 to answer any of your questions and assist you with using the app!

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